YouTube CPM Rates in the UAE: 2020-2021

YouTube has become one of the most popular platforms for content creators, and they highly rely on it to increase and create their brand awareness, engagement, and recall. As individuals with their own YouTube channel, you would have to put in a lot of effort into personal branding because this would function as their medium of audience discovery for their business and additions to the monthly income. In this article, you will get a better insight into the CPM rates offered in the UAE for various video ad types.

Despite not being the primary source of revenue generation, YouTube ads help the content creators with a good amount of source income post having reached the 100k subscriber mark. You must have continued viewership on your channel videos. The CPMs for video ads are dependent and varying on a large number of factors like the niche of the video or the channels, the keywords used, the intent, and such are just some of the important metrics that aid the decision of the CPM of the ads that are being served. Largely, the ads that have the highest CPMs in the auction are around the digital area, like the SAS-based products, and the ones with the least CPMs are targeted to general niches and are for brand recall and video viewership campaigns. Here, you can see the segmentation of the content category based on the CPM rates based on YouTube ads.

SAS/Online Marketing>Insurance and Credit Cards> Finance> Business and Startups> Tech> Health and Parenting> Careers and Jobs> Lifestyle> Education> People and Society> Art> Music and Movies> Songs

You have a fair idea of the niche or the content category that generates the maximum and the lowest revenue, so now, you can look at the kinds of YouTube ads and the kind of revenues they generate by CPMs. Largely, the ads types offered by YouTube are divided as display ads, overlay ads, skippable ads, non-skippable ads, bumper ads, and sponsored cards.  Of these, the only ones eligible for desktop views are display and overlay ads. All the other kinds of ads work fine for both mobile and desktop.

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YouTube Skippable Ads CPM in the UAE

The ads that the viewer can skip after watching it for 5 seconds are skippable ads, and usually, the CPM range for these in UAE is around $4.2 for ads based on auctions. But, it is important to remember that the reserved skippable ads can have much higher CPMs and, in this case, can go up to $11 and more. Therefore, these ads are ideal from the viewers’ perspective and help with great user experience because it provides the liberty of skipping when they do not engage with the display ads.

YouTube Bumper Ads CPM in the UAE

The ads that are of a short duration of about 6 seconds are bumper. They are mostly shown on videos that do not have much demand for skippable and non-skippable ads. These ads generally have a lower ad CPM range, and in the case of UAE, the offered range is about $3-$$. These are specifically great as the move of brand visibility, which is why similar CPMs across most channels compared with other video ad types.

YouTube Display Ads CPM in the UAE

The ads that generally appear as companion ads in the sidebar of the video screen when something is being viewed on a desktop or laptop are display ads. YouTube also shows overlay ads at a time, which is just another display ad when the video ads do not have any demand. These necessarily act as backfill for monetization of the remaining impressions at a much lower cost. In the UAE, the CPM for these hover around $0.40 to $0.50, and these can go lower or higher than the given range because they are dependent on a large number of factors.

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YouTube Non-Skippable Ads CPM in the UAE

The ads that cannot be skipped and require the user to watch the entire ad to continue watching the video are non-skippable. Generally, these ads have a duration of about 15-30 seconds. Because they have the highest view and completion rate, they automatically have the highest CPMs. The only case the skippable ads would have higher CPMs is when most of them are being watched by the user. The rule to remember is enabling the non-skippable ads in the monetization section of individual videos because it often remains unchecked. If your videos have high watch time, you can make a custom setup and have mid-roll ads in videos that are longer than 8 minutes.

YouTube Reserved vs. Auction Ads

Largely, skippable and non-skippable ads only displayed as reserved or auction ads. Auction ads are bought in real-time by advertisers and have no guarantee about the minimum fill commitments. On the contrary, reserved ads have a specified fill quota, because of which they have a slightly higher price. Most advertisers wish to secure guaranteed impressions for their ads, so they would rather heave reserved ads with their minimum fill commitment. Therefore, if your channel is witnessing more reserved ads, it is seen as a good sign, and you will eventually see an increase in CPMs.

YouTube CPM Rates in the UAE for Educational Channel 

It is effortless to target the K-12 audience via YouTube because of the presence of many education and non-educational channels where they can be targeted. It is also important to note that the supply side is more than the demand from advertisers because the average channel CPM is about $2- $2.50. My educational channel has about 25k subscribers, and here is the screenshot of channel metrics.

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YouTube CPM Rates UAE

YouTube CPM Rates in the UAE for Lifestyle Channel

Another YouTube channel is for a female audience and covers topics like makeup, grooming, and lifestyle, with the age group of the majority of the audience being around 22-30 years. The CPM for the channel is more than $2.5. But my friend who manages this channel gets a lot of free products for brand reviews, and it is worth more than 30K every month.

It is important to remember that YouTubers do not only rely on revenue from YouTube advertising, and this is not even close to 20% of what they make from external deals like direct sponsorships, brand endorsements, and personal branding. But YouTubing initially is a channel, and it isn’t easy to reach the 10k subscribers organically, and you need to stick to it.

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