Native Ad CPM Rates: 2020-2021

Native advertising has always resulted in mystery and interest among marketers, just the way display advertising does. It is usually confused with display advertising or content marketing, but it has the features of both and is not necessarily either. It has been designed to make sure that it camouflages with its surroundings, irrespective of how diverse it is from The New York Times or your Twitter or Instagram. Even though it gets slightly tricky to understand if native advertising is considered content or not, what separates them in the real sense is essential that native ads are pay-to-play. Mobile native ads platforms are ten times better and earn more attention and engagement than their traditional counterparts thrice. Also, it has 23% better ad quality scores. They complement the formats better in the sense that they become unignorable. In this article, we will discuss at length the potential revenues you can earn from native ads in lieu of CPMs.

Native Ad CPM Rates by Country 2020-2021

Here, we would segment the native ads’ CPM rates in accordance with the countries.

11.SOUTH AFRICA0.080.80
12.SAUDI ARABIA0.050.50
13.SRI LANKA0.010.15
30.HONG KONG0.101.0
44.NEW ZEALAND0.080.80

Native Ad CPM Rates in India 2020-2021

The CPM rates in India are generally pretty low. However, given that the native ad format brings out some impeccable opportunities, the CPM rate for the same is pretty decent. Generally, the best CPMs are for tier 1 countries. The Native Ad CPM rates in India can range from 30 cents to USD 1, depending on the niches. If you work with better niches like tech or eCommerce, you will get the best CPM rates. The CPC rates are, however, lower and vary between 20 to 30 cents.

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Native Ad CPM Rates in the US: 2020-2021

It is well known that the tier 1 countries get the best of the lot. Given that the USA is pretty much at the top of the list of tier 1 countries, it is apparent that it has pretty good CPM rates. The native ad CPM rates for the US traffic can vary in the range of USD 5 to 7. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to get better CPM rates and revenue is to get a good amount of traffic from such tier-one countries.

Native Ad CPM Rates in the UK: 2020-2021

Another country you must focus on for traffic is the UK. It is just in line after the USA and has pretty good CPM rates and Canada and Australia. For their traffic, you can get a CPM rate in the range of USD 4 to 5. This is still an excellent CPM in comparison to what is offered in countries like India.

Native Ad CPM Rates in Indonesia: 2020-2021

It is not a hidden fact that the countries in Asia or the Pacific region do not get the best CPM rates or revenue. However, Indonesia, just like India, still gets the better CPM ranges from the lot. Therefore, you can expect a CPM rate in the range of 37 to 45 cents from the Indonesian traffic and focus on diverting traffic from the tier 1 countries.

Native Video Ad CPM Rates: 2020-2021

It is no surprise that video ads are the best form of ads because they are seamlessly integrated into videos to better catch the audience’s attention. As a result, they have a better user experience and are generally preferred over the other ad formats. It was suggested that 38.7% of the total ad spend of native ads would be devoted to native video ads. This is pretty much the best of both worlds. The content on native videos is entertaining and informative and a great way to share whatever you want on social media or without disrupting the user’s experience. You can expect a CPM rate in the range of 3 USD to 9 USD depending on various factors like demographics, niche, traffic, and more.

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How to Increase Native Ad CPM Rates?

The CPM rates of native ads are very largely dependent on the content and the niche, the demographics, and the conversions. Therefore, it is very smart to choose the niche prevalent in the tier 1 countries to drive better CPMs, their traffic, and significant revenues. However, there are also a couple of different ways to increase your native ad CPM rates.

  • Native ads are the solution to problems like ad fatigue. If you do not make them interesting, you would eventually lose out on audience and conversions. So the idea is not to tire out the audience.
  • As mentioned before, you must make sure that you do not just have traffic quantity but quality.
  • You have to make sure that these ads are contextually relevant and have connections with the content.
  • You want your native ads to be well placed within the news feed or the homepage, or any other relevant top category page.

Best Performing Niches for Native Ads

Native ads work in accordance with the form and feel of the content. However, some niches generally drive excellent CPM rates and are the industry standard for being great niches for native ads. In this case, some of the highly preferred niches would be health, fitness, finance, scholarships, MBA grants, etc. Additionally, you could explore eCommerce or even websites that talk about the technology as they have gained significant momentum and popularity to become leaders in the market.

Wrap up

It is well understood that native ads are one of the most efficient formats available. Their seamless presence and effectiveness make them the best for getting a high number of clicks; however, at times, the user considers them deceptive. Given that it exploded in popularity, the ad spends swelled up to more than 21 million USD. From a marketer’s perspective, the one downside is that it is very highly priced. That being said, this article must have provided an insight into native advertising and their CPM rates. I hope this helps.

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