Taboola CPM Rates by Country: 2020-2021

It has been established that native ads will continuously and rapidly grow and will soon be held accountable for 74% of the total ad spend in the US. This makes most ad platforms shift to native advertising. One of the oldest native advertising platforms is Taboola. Companies have efficiently used Taboola to get to the top of funnel traffic effectively and without spending a large amount of money. Taboola is one of the most preferred native ad networks, and it has partnered with some of the best publishers, which includes The NY Times, Huffington Post, USA Today, and more. Also, Taboola recently merged with Outbrain, but publishers can still sign up with Taboola separately using their respective sites. In this article, you will get a fair idea of the CPM rates that you can generate from Taboola, and it is segmented according to countries.

Taboola CPM Rates by Country: 2020-2021

Here, we have segmented the CPM rates, which you can generate from Taboola in accordance with countries. For example, Taboola offers the highest CPCs for US traffic, and eventually, the overall ad CPM rates for US traffic are much higher than other tier-1 traffic countries. Here you can see the overall ad CPC rates and CPM rates for various countries.

11.SOUTH AFRICA0.050.80
12.SAUDI ARABIA0.030.30
13.SRI LANKA0.0080.12
30.HONG KONG0.101.0
44.NEW ZEALAND0.080.80

Taboola CPM Rates in the US

Taboola pays high CPM rates for US traffic, and you must focus on getting more US traffic to your site if the plan is to make big money from Taboola. One way to do that is to write on topics that interest the US traffic and bring more traffic. If not, you can talk about the conventional topics, which would automatically attract an audience from all sources like quotes or inspirational stories and such. As a result, you can expect a CPM higher than USD 2 for US traffic. If the overall CTR is high, the Taboola CPM rates for the US can cross USD 5.

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Taboola CPM Rates in the UK

The rates for US traffic are excellent, and CPM rates for UK traffic follow that. Given that the UK is also a tier 1 country, it is pretty much given that the traffic from the UK would pretty much be towards the higher side. So for UK traffic, you can expect CPM rates of USD 1 to 2. In comparison with the CPM rates offered elsewhere, except for the USA, this is pretty good.

Taboola CPM Rates in Indonesia

It has already been established that the USA traffic gets precedence over the traffic from the UK and also from European countries, which are offered a decent rate and it is pretty reasonable. The lowest CPMs are given to countries from Asia and the Pacific region, and India still gets the better. For countries like Indonesia, it is lower and can range from 2 cents to 5 cents. If you have maximum traffic from Indonesia, you need to try to make your content a more significant affair to gather more audience and generate better revenue.

Taboola CPM Rates by Device Type

Here is an overall break-through of the CPM rates for Taboola across various devices. As you can see, the CPC and CPM rates are pretty high for desktop traffic since the demand for tier one traffic within the Taboola advertiser network is high for the same. So, if you have a good volume of desktop traffic and look to increase your overall ad revenue, consider putting a Taboola widget.

3. TABLET0.040.50

How to Increase Taboola CPM Rates?

There are a couple of tips and techniques that you can adopt to increase the CPM rates that Taboola offers to you.

  • Widgets: You can use more than just one ad widget, which would undoubtedly increase the ad density and consequently increase the click-through rates, and that would be visible on your RPM page. Conventionally, you can have one on the sidebar and one just after the position of the content ad. You can also have native ads within the content, and remember that Taboola is highly known for native ads. It is also important to remember that the placement of ads can increase revenue for Taboola.
  • Understand your Platforms: It is given that Taboola ads perform exceptionally well on desktops and are followed by smartphones and tablets, which is pretty much miserable. Even though this may differ, but largely remains true. In cases like this, you can optimize your ads for desktop and use another platform for mobile devices.
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How to Increase Taboola CPC Rates?

  • Visibility Rate: One of the easiest ways to increase your CPC or CTR rates is to make your ads visible for a more extended period of time. An advertisement is considered viewable when at least half of the ad is viewed for a minimum of 2 seconds. It is recommended that your visibility rate be higher than 50% to witness higher revenue. If the visibility rate of your ads goes up to 80%, you can expect the revenues to practically double. To get better visibility, you need to place the ads at prime locations and ensure that the site’s speed is good. These would highly impact the ad revenue from a larger perspective.
  • US traffic- This is applicable for both CPM and CPC rates and pretty much already understood. However, you have already seen how Taboola offers the best of the rates to US traffic. You must necessarily focus on attracting more US audiences and focusing on the niches more prevalent there.

Wrap up: Is Taboola a Good Source of Incremental Ad Revenue?

The future of advertising is native advertising, and it is clear that it has already taken up the industry by storm. This article must have given you a fair idea of the kind of revenue you could generate from advertising with Taboola, one of the oldest native advertising platforms. Taboola is a good source of incremental ad revenue only if you have a substantial tier-one traffic volume. I hope this article on Taboola ad CPM rates was helpful. 

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