AdSense CPM and CPC Rates in Indonesia: 2023

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To maximize your CPMs and earnings from AdSense, you must understand which ad formats, sizes, and types work best across which geographies. The best way to understand and validate the assumptions is through the proper backing of data. In this post, we will see the AdSense CPM rates in Indonesia and how we can maximize the overall earning potential for publishers. 

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  • AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in Indonesia: Ad Sizes

    There are some interesting insights if you look at the data here. While Google recommends responsive ad units, we see that the impression RPM of responsive ads is around $0.10, while that of the 336×280 ad unit is $0.30.

    • Responsive: RPM $0.10
    • 300×250: RPM $0.06
    • 336×280: RPM $0.30
    • 300×600: RPM $0.05
    AdSense Ad Size Rates: Indonesia

    Learnings: Clearly, you can run an experiment with responsive ads and 336×300 ad unit size, which seems to have the best results.

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    AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in Indonesia: Ad Format Types

    You’ll see the CPC and CPM rates here for Indonesian traffic, and the blog’s niche is educational. So the standard ad formats, along with the CPM rates, are included here.

    • Display and Mixed: $0.08
    • In-page: $0.04
    • Anchor: $0.09
    AdSense Ad Format Rates: Indonesia

    Learnings: Since the impressions for anchor and in-page are low, we cannot conclude which ad format is better. However, the display format seems to be a good choice for Indonesian traffic.

    AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in Indonesia: Device Types

    Metrics like CPM, CPC, and CTR do vary based on the device type. For example, some campaigns work better on the desktop while some work on mobile, and thus the advertiser demand varies. Thus, the CPCs can fluctuate a bit, and the mobile CTR is different from desktop CTR. So I thought of sharing with you the page RPM report based on device types. On most websites, the desktop page CPM for AdSense will be higher when compared with mobile. 

    • Desktop: CPC $0.11 | CPM $0.08
    • Mobile: CPC $0.03 | CPM $0.07
    • Tablet: CPC $0.04 | CPM $0.02
    AdSense Device Type Rates: Indonesia

    AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in Indonesia: Targeting Types

    Google offers two major targeting types for advertisers- contextual and personalized. Contextual targeting is relevant to understanding the intent of the audience and showing relevant ads. At the same time, personalized targeting considers the websites visited by the users, interactions, and a host of other factors. Usually, the CPM rates for personalized targeting are higher than contextual targeting due to better ROAS. Here you can take a look at AdSense CPM rates filtered by targeting type. 

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    • Personalized: RPM $0.07
    • Contextual: RPM $0.08
    • Placement: RPM $0.10
    AdSense Targeting Type Rates: Indonesia

    Learning: If you’ve higher impressions served on the RON targeting type, it means that advertisers are not able to target your site, and you should consider incorporating keywords on your articles. ‘RON’ means run on the network, and these ads have the lowest CPC rates and CPM bids.

    AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in Indonesia: Bid Types

    Understanding AdSense rates based on bid types are significant because it gives you a better understanding of which ad types are showing on your website. For example, Google shows ads from AdWords and DBM on publisher websites. While AdWords works on a cost-per-click model, DBM works on a cost-per-mile model. So, if you have a good percentage of CPM bids, you should consider using ad sizes like 970×300, 300×600, and 336×280 since these ad sizes have the highest CPM.

    • CPC Bids: RPM $0.08
    • CPM Bids: RPM $0.06
    • Active View Bids: RPM $0.13
    AdSense Bid Type Rates: Indonesia

    Tips to Increase AdSense CPC and Page RPM for Indonesian Traffic

    Your ad setup should be tweaked depending on the percentage of your desktop: mobile traffic split. 

    Use a plugin like Quick AdSense or Advanced Ads to implement the ad codes. As we have seen, the 300×250 ad sizes give the highest rates, so use that ad size for most of your units. In addition, make sure to run AdSense native ads to maximize your CTR and overall earnings. On the desktop, you can also place a 300×600 sidebar ad unit.

    • Your First ad unit should be placed right below the article title
    • Second ad unit after the first paragraph
    • The third ad unit is recommended after the third paragraph of the content. It is recommended if the majority of your traffic is coming from mobile.
    • The next ad unit can be placed in the middle of the content if you’ve long-form articles or just above the last paragraph for short articles.
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    Note: I recommend not using a 728×90 top bar ad unit. Place a 300×600 sidebar ad unit. 

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