AdMob eCPM and CPC Rates in India: 2023

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Since the start of the era of the internet, the digital marketing industry has benefited from it largely. It has also grown monumentally, and made the shift from desktop to mobile, pouring a lot of attention and investment into mobile advertising. The latest trends make it clear that people spend a lot of their time on their mobile devices, because of which the advertisers and publishers have focused on running ad campaigns on mobiles with the purpose of finding new users and maximizing revenue. India has seen a major shift to digital marketing and even though the market is pretty new here, it is obvious that it will grow really big and pretty soon. AdMob is one of the largest ad networks in the world and makes earning revenue easy with in-app ads, actionable insights, and powerful, easy-to-use tools that grow your app business. Here, we would discuss the eCPM rates that AdMob offers in India according to different ad formats. 

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  • AdMob eCPM Rates in India: 2023 Edition

    Here, we have AdMob eCPM rates in India segmented in accordance with the different ad formats the network offers.

    AdMob Banner Ads eCPM Rates in India

    The simplest form of ad, banner ads are just rectangular graphic ads that stretch across your screen and are image-based rather than text-based. They generally contain static or animated images or media that are placed at high visibility areas on high traffic websites. The banner ads for AdMob are displayed at the top or bottom of your app screen and generally prompt users to download the app. In the app, the ad expands to full screen and fits different screen sizes. The eCPM offered by AdMob is about 20 cents for iOS and 10 cents for Android.

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    • AdMob banner ads eCPM for Andriod in India: 10 cents
    • AdMob banner ads eCPM for iOS in India: 20 cents
    • AdMob banner ads CPC for Andriod in India: 2 cents
    • AdMob banner ads CPC for iOS in India: 3.5 cents

    AdMob Interstitial Ads eCPM Rates in India

    The full-screen ad formats that cover the interface of the app are Interstitial ads. They appear at the natural transition points like if the game is paused or the person is going a level up. The users are provided with the option to either watch the ad or just skip it. They are generally quite engaging, simply because they cover up the entire screen. For India, their eCPM is 1.30 USD and 1.80 USD for Android and iOS respectively.

    • AdMob interstitial ads eCPM for Andriod in India: 1.30 USD
    • AdMob interstitial ads eCPM for iOS in India: 1.80 USD
    • AdMob interstitial ads CPC for Andriod in India: 3 cents
    • AdMob interstitial ads CPC for iOS in India: 5 cents

    AdMob Rewarded Video Ads eCPM Rates in India

    One of the most popular ad formats in the mobile gaming market is rewarded video ads which put both the advertisers and publishers in a win-win situation. The ads are very well integrated into the apps and follow an exchange system where the user is awarded something when they watch the entire ads, like an extra level or a life and such. It is an easier way of monetization because the message is delivered well and effectively and also leads to better conversions. The users do not mind it either because of the rewards and because they can resume the game where they left it. The eCPM offered for it in 4USD and 1.50 USD for iOS and Android respectively, which is clearly the highest eCPM AdMob has offered in India. 

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    • AdMob rewarded video ads eCPM for Andriod in India: 1.50 USD
    • AdMob rewarded video ads eCPM for iOS in India: 4.00 USD
    • AdMob rewarded video ads CPC for Andriod in India: NA
    • AdMob rewarded video ads CPC for iOS in India: NA

    AdMob Native Ads eCPM Rates in India

    Everyone has come across native ads unknowingly and you might have too. Have you noticed “recommended for you” or “suggested for you” or even the words “sponsored” while scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, or such? These are native ads. They fit right into the content so, they do not seem disruptive and the user experience remains great. They are in parallel with the page’s editorial flow, so they do not stick out. AdMob helps you create and implement highly custom ads that fit your app. The eCPM offered for it is 30 and 20 cents for iOS and Android respectively.

    • AdMob native ads eCPM for Andriod in India: 20 cents
    • AdMob native ads eCPM for iOS in India: 30 cents
    • AdMob native ads CPC for Andriod in India: 3 cents
    • AdMob native ads CPC for iOS in India: 4 cents

    AdMob App Open Ads eCPM Rates in India

    Open ads is a special ad format that helps publishers who wish to generate extra revenue by monetizing their load screen too. These are shown when users bring your app to the foreground and can be closed by your users at any time. They also automatically show a small branding area so users know they’re in your app. You can expect an eCPM of about 20 cents for this. 

    How to Increase AdMob Ads eCPM Rates in India?

    There are several simple tricks and hacks that you can adopt to increase your Admob earnings and revenues.

    There are several developers who place their ads at a certain place and let them be there for the rest of the time. You do not want to do that and experiment with ad placements and see what would suit you best. If you leave your ads in the same place for a long, your users will develop ad blindness for it and start to ignore it. So, you do not want to be missing out on potential revenue. You can change the ad format you use and see how that affects your revenue.

    • You can customize and tell AdMob that you only want to show an ad unit in general if the eCPM is at a certain price or higher, or that you only want to show ads in a particular country if the eCPM is at a certain threshold or higher.
    • It might lower the ad blindness and fill rate but also increase the clicks on high-value ads. One of the best things to do is to incorporate several ad formats into your app, so you are not risking it by betting everything on one ad format and you can also add multiple ads. 
    • Allowing multiple networks to bid in real-time and display the highest CPC or CPM ad can be lucrative. Make sure to use a mediation always.
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    These metrics are clearly averaged out because a metric like eCPM is dependent on a lot of varying factors that are very dynamic in nature. If you are a new developer or publisher and hoping for Indian traffic, you must necessarily focus on this. Hope this helps.

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