AdSense CPM Rates in the Philippines: 2022-2023

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Having used Google AdSense for a long time, I have gained important information about how it operates that many people would find helpful. However, I have also seen a lack of information about the subject on the internet, and the people who would want specific information would not find access to it. So, I have used my stats and data to give you a clearer picture of what you must expect. This will help you understand your potential revenue from digital marketing and help all of your aspiring bloggers monetize better. Here is a segmented overview of AdSense CPM rates in Philippines:2020, based on Ad Formats, Ad Sizes, and such.

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  • AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in the Philippines: Ad Format Types

    The CPC and CPC rates you will see here are from an educational blog, which you can earn from Philippines traffic. Here is the CPC you could get based on different ad formats.

    • Display: $0.22
    • Native: $0.13
    • Matched Content: $1.09
    • In-Article: $0.13
    • In-page: $0.19
    AdSense CPM Rates in Philippines
    AdSense CPM Rates in Philippines

    It is important to understand the co-relation between viewability and click-through rates and how they affect the CPM. For instance, you can see how auto display ads are the most viewable, but their CPM is the lowest because of the low click-through rates. So, keep a check on revenue generation when you have enabled auto ads. There are ad formats so similar that you can interchange their CPMs like Display, native, in-article and such.  The average CPM here is about 14 cents, but you can take it up to 50 based on niche.

    AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in the Philippines: Device Types

    Device type influences metrics like CPM, CPC, and CTR because of how campaigns react to different devices. Some campaigns are great for mobiles, while some are more appropriate for desktops. This also makes CPCs fluctuate, and generally, you will find that the CTR from mobile is starkly different from that of the desktop. For most websites, the CPM for desktop from AdSense is higher than that in mobiles.

    AdSense CPM Rates by Device Type
    AdSense CPM Rates by Device Type

    This is what you can expect based on devices:

    • Mobiles- $0.17
    • Desktop- $0.23
    • Tablets-$0.19
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    As you can see, the CPM from the desktop is higher because it is the most preferable and works the best.

    AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in the Philippines: Targeting Types

    You are offered two kinds of targeting as an advertiser- Contextual Targeting and Personalized Targeting. The former plays a huge role in understanding what the audience would possibly do and showing ads. The former looks at relevant data like the visited websites, users’ interactions, and a bunch of other facts. Normally, personality targeting renders a better CPM rate than contextual targeting because of better ROAS. We have filtered AdSense CPM rates by kinds of targeting-

    AdSense CPM Rates by Targeting
    AdSense CPM Rates by Targeting

    Here is what you can expect-

    • Personalized- $0.24
    • Contextual- $0.16
    • RON- $0.13

    Generally, and even in this case, RON has the lowest CPC and CPM bids. This is because they are run on the network, and if you see a higher number of impressions from RON, you must know that advertisers are not efficiently targeting your site, and you have to add keywords on your articles to better it.

    AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in the Philippines: Bid Types

    To get a clearer understanding of the kinds of kids being shown on your website, you must understand the AdSense rates based on bid types. You must know that two platforms have their ads shown by Google on publisher websites: DBM and AdWords. Both of them operate very differently. The former works according to cost per mile. The latter works according to cost per click. If you have a decent percentage of CPM bids and are looking to monetize better, you can use ad sizes like 970×300, 300×600, 336×280, which have the best CPMs.

    AdSense CPM Rates by Bid Types
    AdSense CPM Rates by Bid Types

    For CPM ads, the rule is that the larger the ad size and the more number of ad sizes it can hold and help in increase of overall competition and auction pressure. The most preferable ad size is 970×300 because it can accommodate 900×90, 900×120, 970×250, 336×280 ad units and more. Even when compared with 970×300, the former is more preferable because this one fails to accommodate the 336×280 ad unit.

    AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in the Philippines: Creative Types

    Irrespective of how less relevance creative types hold, you must know the kind of ad creatives being served on your site and the kind of revenue they generate. Earlier, it was only limited to text and image-based ads. Still, there has been brimming new convention of HTML ads that are now responsible for generating the majority of the revenue.

    AdSense CPM Rates by Creative Types
    AdSense CPM Rates by Creative Types

    Generally, most ads have similar viewability, but you can notice how the viewability of native ads beats all the others by 20%. This is a critical metric, and you must focus on it a lot if you wish to retain CPMs in the long run.

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    Quick Ways to Increase AdSense CPC or Page RPM

    In accordance with your mobile and desktop traffic split, you can make minor changes that will better revenue.

    If the majority of the traffic is from mobiles-

    • A 300×250 display ad unit at the beginning of the content
    • A 300×250 ad unit after the third paragraph of the content
    • A 300×250 ad unit in the middle of the content
    • A 300×250 ad unit just above the last paragraph of the content

    You should use Quick AdSense as a plugin for WordPress.

    • If you also have decent desktop traffic-
    • For desktop, use 00×300 or 700×300 display ad unit and add 300×250 ad unit like mentioned above for mobile. You can use the recommended plugin for implementation and control ad sizes using media queries.
    • Or you can make separate ad units of the given sizes and serve them using the Advanced ads WordPress plugin and make use of a 300×600 sidebar ad unit.
    • It is advised that you do not use a 728×90 top bar ad unit. 

    Recommended: AdSense Alternatives to Boost Your Overall Revenue

    I have tried a number of ad networks and finally found these ad networks to be a perfect choice for most of the websites. The code installation is like a breeze and you can see your earnings from day one onwards. Make sure you give them a month’s time for the demand to pick up and optimizations to kick in.

    1. Setupad: Best High-Paying CPM Ad Network

    Setupad is one of the best website monetization platforms to increase ad revenue. You are assured of a dedicated account manager that helps you through the onboarding process and continuous monetization improvements, and you can benefit from their unique demand, top SSPs, DSPs, and preset programmatic Deals.

    • Eligibility Criteria for Publishers: Publishers must have a minimum of 100k worldwide visitors, with a significant portion originating from tier one countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. 
    • Features: header bidding, multiple SSPs, auto-refresh ads, lazing loading ads 
    • Recommend for: For better monetization, websites with a high volume of the US or tier one traffic are recommended.
    • Payment: NET 45-60 days
    • Additional Note: Their integration is pretty quick and easy. They run header bidding, so you’ll have access to many SSPs with just a line of their code. 

    2. Mgid: Best Native Ad Network for Publishers

    Mgid helps publishers generate the highest revenue yield with their native ad solutions. It gives publishers 100% control over their audience, empowering them with technology to engage and retain users, generate revenue streams from direct advertisers and build their monetization strategies with robust analytics.

    • Eligibility Criteria for Publishers: Publishers should have decent traffic from tier 1, tier 2, or tier 3 countries. 
    • Features: Mgid provides a native advertising widget that can be integrated into any website.  
    • Recommend for: For better monetization, websites with a high volume of the US or tier one traffic are recommended. 
    • Payment: NET 30 days
    • Additional Note: You can run their native advertising widget and other native ad partners for better monetization.

    3. uNative: Best Push Monetization Ad Network

    uNative is a platform created by Epom to help publishers earn from day one. You can customize the number of ads that can be pushed to your subscribers and also you can directly send push notifications. You need to create a stream, add a site URL, integrate the ad code, and upload a .js file on your website’s root directly to get started.

    • Eligibility Criteria for Publishers: There are no minimum eligibility criteria for publishers to get started with uNative. However, I suggest you should have at least 1000 daily visitors.
    • Features: Increase website page views with targeted push notifications and monetizes our subscriber list with native ads 
    • Recommend for: For better monetization, websites with a high volume of the US or tier one traffic are recommended. News verticals tend to perform best. 
    • Payment: NET 0 days. The payment is processed within 24 hours once a request is raised. 

    Final Words: Focus on Keywords and CTR

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    You must focus on ad viewability, click-through rate, and CPC rates if you wish to increase revenue from AdSense. Choose a niche carefully because you can have access to keywords that pay well and work on ad placement optimization and gain better CTR, this higher revenue. I hope this helps.

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