AdSense CPM Rates in Canada: 2020-2021

For tier 1 countries like the US or Canada, the CPC offered by AdSense is the highest. I have found that people have many questions and doubts about the CPM and CPC rates generated by AdSense. There is a lot of ambiguity around this topic, and no one seems to have legitimate information or does not share them. So I have pulled out some stats that you can refer to and learn about the potential revenue you can gain from US traffic. I have given a segmented overview of Google AdSense CPM rates in Canada for 2020. The segment provides an explicit picture of CPMs based on platforms, bid types, creative and such. Also, if you are looking to achieve a hike in your overall AdSense earnings just with little alterations, make sure to check out the tips mentioned towards the end of this article.

AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in Canada: Ad Size

You will see the CPC and CPM rates for the Canadian traffic coming from an educational blog. The most common ad formats and their CPMs have been included here.

AdSense Ad Size Rates: Canada
AdSense Ad Size Rates: Canada

Ad Sizes play an important role in deciding the CPMs. The larger the ads, the higher the CPMs, and it is more likely to engage users and get CTRs.But in several cases, the common sizes tend to generate a better CPM than the largest one.

AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in Canada: Ad Format Types

The CPC and CPM rates you’re going to see here are for the Canadian traffic, and the blog’s niche is educational. The common ad formats, along with the CPM rates, are included here. Here is the CPCs you can roughly expect according to ad formats from Canadian traffic-

  • Display: $1.36
  • Native: 0.44
  • In-Page: $0.28
  • In-Article: $0.46
  • Matched Content: $3.99
AdSense CPM Rates in Canada
AdSense CPM Rates in Canada

The ad formats are one of the most significant elements and impact the CPM rates a lot. Larger ads are said to get higher bids because they are supposed to attract users, but the demand is circling the few tried and tested ones.

AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in Canada: Device Types

In accordance with device type, the metrics like CPM, CPC, and CTR vary largely. It is a given that based on devices, the campaigns change, in a sense, that some are better on desktop, while some are well suited for mobiles, and based on that, the demand from advertisers varies. It also makes the CPC fluctuate a little. It is a given that the CTRs for mobile and desktop are very different. So, I have shared my CPC report and RPM impression according to device kinds. Compared with mobile, the CPM from AdSense is higher for desktop pages, which is the case for most websites.

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Here is the CPM and CPC you can expect from Canadian traffic, depending upon different devices-

  • Desktop: CPC $0.33 / CPM: $0.96
  • High-end Mobile Devices: CPC $0.16 / CPM: $0.58
  • Tablets: CPC $0.21 / CPM: $0.63
AdSense Device Type Rates: Canada
AdSense Device Type Rates: Canada

Desktop CPCs are double that of mobiles, which is evidence enough to show how preferred they are. It would help if you focused on increasing your CTR, and you would see a major revenue boost.

AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in Canada: Targeting Types

Two kinds of targeting are offered to advertisers by Google-

  • Contextual Targeting focused on the audience’s intent and shows ads based on that.
  • Personalized Targeting considers data like visited websites and interactions and ads based on that.

In general, the CPM rates for personalized targeting are higher when compared to contextual targeting for reasons of better ROAS. You can check the AdSense CPM rates based on targeting kind, and this is what you can expect from Canadian traffic-

  • Personalized: CPC $0.29 / CPM: $1.23
  • Contextual: CPC $0.22 / CPM: $0.54
  • RON: CPC $0.60 / CPM: $0.87
AdSense Targeting Type Rates: Canada
AdSense Targeting Type Rates: Canada

Usually, a lot of impressions from RON indicate a lack of keywords and the inability to target sites, they have the lowest CPM and CPCs across most places, but here, they are doing pretty well.

AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in Canada: Bid Types

To better understand the kinds of ads on your website, you must understand the rates presented by AdSense based on the kinds of bids. Publisher websites are filled with ads from AdWords and DBM, as Google shows them. The two work very differently. AdWords relies upon the cost per click model, but DBM operated on a cost per mile model.  These are the CPM or CPC rates you can expect in accordance with bid types for Canada traffic-

  • CPC bids: $0.24
  • CPM bids: $1.09
  • CPE bids: $0.14
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AdSense Bid Type Rates: Canada
AdSense Bid Type Rates: Canada

The important rule to remember is that the bigger the ad size and the more the number of ad sizes it can incorporate, the better the overall competition and auction pressure. 970×300 is a better ad size because it can fit in 900×90, 900×120, 970×250, 336×280 ad units and more and 970×250 can not accommodate the 336×280 ad unit. You need to remember that unbillable impressions need 2 clicks to get to the advertiser’s site and if the second click is not made, the earnings remain nil.

AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in the USA: Creative Types

Creative types are not all that important, but you must have a fair idea of ad creatives on your site and its revenue. While earlier, there were only text and image-based ads, recent times have seen major developments with HTML5 ads that generate the most revenue. This is what you must fairly expect from Canadian traffic based on creative kinds-

  • HTML5- $0.36
  • Image- $0.16
  • Text- $0.32
AdSense Creative Type Rates: Canada
AdSense Creative Type Rates: Canada

Usually, the expandable ads have the highest CPMs because of high CTRs, and there are followed with In Banner Video ads that have CPM close to $3. However, it is noteworthy that despite the low CPC of flash-based ads, they have the highest CTRs.

Quick Ways to Increase AdSense CPC or Page RPM

According to your mobile: desktop traffic split, you can make changes to your ad setup to generate better revenue.

If most of your traffic is from mobile, you need to add a display ad unit of 300×250 at the given spaces-

  • At the start of content
  • Post the third paragraph
  • At the middle
  • Before the last paragraph

It is recommended that you use Quick AdSense as your plugin for WordPress.

If you also rely on your desktop traffic, use the following display ad units for desktop- 600×300 or 700×300 and mobile as mentioned-   300×250 ad unit. The same can be implemented via the Quick AdSense plugin, and you can manage sizes via media query. Or, you can get the mentioned setup through ‘Responsive’ ad units. It is recommended that you do not use a 728×90 top bar ad unit.

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Final Words: Focus on Keywords and CTR

If the purpose is to maximize ad revenue, the key is unparalleled focus on CTR and the content keywords. Choose a niche that brings high-paying keywords and optimize ad placement for better CTR and higher revenue.  If you’ve traffic coming from India, do check out AdSense CPM rates in India.

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