AdSense CPM Rates in Pakistan: 2020-2021

After using AdSense for a while, I have realized that there is not enough information on the internet. People in general, especially aspiring bloggers and entrepreneurs who want to fall back on something like digital marketing, cannot find enough data to do the preliminary research and satisfy themselves about this being a great career option. However, in this article, you will find enough stats and data to know how amazing an option is, and you will have a fair idea about what you might earn from AdSense. AdSense is undoubtedly one of the best monetization tools available, and you can totally rely on it. Here you will find, in detail, AdSense CPM Rates in Pakistan.

AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in Pakistan: Ad Sizes


Ad Size CPM Rates: Pakistan
Ad Size CPM Rates: Pakistan

Ad Sizes play an imperative role in deciding the CPM rates. Generally, the larger ads garner more CPM rates because of their prominence and likely to get users to act. Thus, you can see that 760×250 has the highest CPC. However, it is important to remember that some of the most common ad formats tend to generate very high CPMs.

AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in Pakistan: Ad Format Types

Here, we have mentioned what we earn from Indian traffic on an educational blog.

  • Display: $0.20
  • Link units: $0.18
  • Native: $0.22
  • Matched Content: $0.10
  • In-Article: $0.17
  • Auto Ads (in-page): $0.10 
  • Auto Ads (display): $0.04
AdSense Ad Format Rates: Pakistan
AdSense Ad Format Rates: Pakistan

Ad formats are only of the most significant elements and impact CPMs largely. Here is what you must expect from different ad formats in Pakistan-

  • In-Page- 7 cents
  • In- Article- 3 cents
  • Anchor- 3 cents
  • Vignette- 2 cents
  • In-feed- 10 cents

You can see that in-feed has the highest CPMs primarily because they provide the users with a better experience. They do not hinder what users do and seamlessly integrate with the content.

Ad Viewability is one of the most important criteria one must follow up on. Display ads tend to have the highest viewability but still cater to lower CPMs because the click-through rates are low. You must constantly observe your CPM generation if you have automatic ads. Some ad formats like- display, native and in-article are so similar regarding CPMs that you can almost interchange them.  The average CPM for Pakistan traffic is about 5 cents, but that is also very dependent on the niche. Some niches fetch CPM rates than the others.

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AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in Pakistan: Device Types

The metrics such as CPM, CPC, and CTRs vary in accordance with device types. It is pretty obvious that the campaigns would result differently on different devices, and while some of these are well suited for mobiles, the others work best on desktops. This leads to slight fluctuations in CPCs. It is important to remember that CTR for mobile and desktop are very different. You can consult the RPM report attached, and it is based on the type of device. For most of the websites, the CPM for desktop pages for AdSense will be higher in comparison with mobiles. 

AdSense CPM Rates by Device: Pakistan
AdSense CPM Rates by Device: Pakistan

You can see how more than half the preference is towards Desktop, and the remaining is for Tablets and mobiles, with mobiles getting a larger share. You can also see how desktop campaigns generate better and higher CPMs.

AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in Pakistan: Targeting Types

The advertisers are offered two kinds of targeting-

  • Contextual and
  • Personalized.

The relevance of contextual targeting is that it helps understand the users’ intent and, according to that, shows relevant ads. POn the other hand, personalized targeting is more efficient and looks at the hardcore data, like the sites the user visits, their interactions, and factors like such. Personalized targeting also renders better CPMs than contextual targeting because of better ROAs. Here, we have AdSense CPM rates which have been filtered according to targeting type.

AdSense CPM Rates by Targeting: Pakistan
AdSense CPM Rates by Targeting: Pakistan

The different CPMs that you must expect according to different targeting types from Pakistan traffic is such-

  • Personalized- 24 cents
  • Contextual – 16 cents
  • RON- 13 cents
  • Placement- 2 cents

You need to check your earning and see if you have a high number of impressions because of the RON targeting kind because advertisers are unable to target your site and lack keywords in your articles. As a result, RON or Run on Network generally has the lowest CPC and CPM bids.

AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in Pakistan: Bid Types

You need to take some time and comprehend AdSense rates according to kinds of bids because they provide a better understanding of the kind of ads being shown on your website. Google mostly displays ads from AdWords and DBM on publisher websites are they both work in a  very different manner. While DBM has a cost-per-mile model, AdWords operated on a cost-per-click model. Therefore, with a good percentage of CPM  bids, you must consider such ad sizes- 970×300, 300×600, 336×280 because they offer the highest CPMs.

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AdSense CPM Rates by Bid Types: Pakistan
AdSense CPM Rates by Bid Types: Pakistan

Generally, the bigger the ad size, the better CPM. The reason behind this is straightforward. The bigger ad sizes can accommodate more ads and thus increase overall competition and auction pressure. These ad units- 900×90, 900×120, 970×250, 336×280 ad units can be accommodated in a 970×300 ad size, and this is a great ad size and better when compared to 970×250 because the latter cannot accommodate 336×280 ad unit.

AdSense CPM or CPC Rates in Pakistan: Creative Types

Creative types do not hold much importance, but it is always great to have some knowledge at your disposal, and you must have at least a slight idea about the kinds of ad creatives that are being served on your website and the kind of revenue they generate. Conventionally, and some time back, it was largely dependent on the text and image-based ads, but HTML5 ads have come. They are responsible for the generation of the majority of revenue. As you can see, such a large number – 42.5% is dependent on HTML5 ads and then text ads with 20.7%.

AdSense CPM Rates: Pakistan
AdSense CPM Rates: Pakistan

One of the most important things to focus on is viewability. Most ads have similar viewability because native ads tend to beat all of them and get 20% more viewability than other ads. Therefore, one important metric is viewability because they are very helpful in the retention of CPMs in the long run.

Quick Ways to Increase AdSense CPC or Page RPM

Based on the traffic from mobile and desktop and the kind of split they have, you can modify your ad setup, which would be very helpful in increasing revenue. If you are largely getting mobile traffic, so much so that more than half of it is dependent on it, add a 300×250 display ad unit in the following-

  • at the beginning of the content
  • after the content’s third paragraph
  • in the middle of content
  • before the last paragraph of the content
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One of the best plugins for WordPress is AdSense.

  • If you have a good percentage of desktop traffic-
  • Use a display ad unit of 600×300 or 700×300 for desktop and 300×250 for mobile like the aforementioned. The implementation can be achieved via the Quick AdSense plugin, and you can control ad sizes by using media queries.
  • Or you can make different ad units of the mentioned sizes and serve them through the Advanced ads WordPress plugin. Also, use the sidebar ad unit of 300×600.
  • Do not use a 728×90 top bar ad unit.

Final Words: Focus on Keywords and CTR

You must be focused on viewability, click through and CPC rates if the aim is to increase revenue from AdSense. Research well on niches and select them carefully to work with high-paying keywords and optimize ad placement and gain better CTR, and eventually higher revenue. I hope this helps.


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