Video Ad CPM Rates: 2023


Advertisers worldwide have been driving their focus on video ads because of their ability to capture the audience’s attention better than any other kind of ad. It has been proven …

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Podcast CPM Rates: 2022-2023

podcast cpm

The episodic series of spoken words in digital audio files is podcasts, and I am confident that you have come across it sometime. Following the statistics provided by Apple, there …

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Native Ad CPM Rates: 2022-2023


Native advertising has always resulted in mystery and interest among marketers, just the way display advertising does. It is usually confused with display advertising or content marketing, but it has …

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Instagram CPM Rates: 2022-2023


Instagram has grown to become one of the largest social media platforms, just like its parent company, Facebook. It is used extensively for photos and video sharing and was curated …

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